Put on….that simply means that it is an action to be taken and not a reaction to something, something from outside yourself.

So, the question then becomes can you put on a “new attitude”. Not only can you but you must. If you don’t you will miss opportunities in your life because people don’t like to be around people with a bad attitude.

It is something that you have to put on; that you have a choice about every moment of every day.

If it is not you, then fake it till you make it.

But you say I am a “Keeping it Real” kinda person. Keepin it real, we think that it means expressing everything you think.

Well keepin’ it real will keep you broke, divorced, and unemployed.

People cannot handle all that negativity all the time…people want you to walk into their presence with a great attitude. What people want is for us to walk in with a fresh face.

But instead we start all our conversations with things like: the babysitter was late, the traffic was bad, my head hurts, the weather sucks, I didn’t sleep well, did you hear about Rob Ford.

How do you feel when people start conversations with you about all that is wrong in their lives? Are these the type of people you want to work with, be friends with and be married to?

Are you one of “those”? I know I certainly have.

People want us to be fun to be around. With the: “It is such a joy to see you today…” kind of greeting.

Put it on…a fresh attitude…

It does not matter if you feel it or not…put it on…it is not a prerequisite whether you feel it or not just do it.

Because if you do not start changing your attitude it will affect your altitude.

Your attitude will keep pulling you back down.

You wonder what is cursing you, why you can’t seem to get where you want to go in life. It is your countenance that is hurting you.

When people don’t like you they don’t want to work with you. How many times have you been around someone who had a bad attitude? Perhaps a sales clerk or a professional and they couldn’t sell you anything because they had a bad attitude.

Now someone else comes along and has a fresh attitude you don’t think twice about buying or doing business with them. It is not all about the product it is about the personality too.

We need to know how to approach people. It is all about your personality…and you can make that up.

Don’t go about your day moaning and groaning. When you hit the door…put on a new face.

It doesn’t matter how you feel.

When you put a new attitude on it changes the way you feel…not the other way around…put it until it becomes you.

Get yourself a new glow, you are coming into a new era…God is getting you ready for new things in your life.

You can’t bring your sad, somber, depressed, defeated, head bopping, knee jerkin attitude into your day.

You can’t have a bad attitude and expect to receive what is next for you, what is around the corner for you. If you have been given a new day…a new opportunity…

Change your attitude.

photo by: striatic